The me I’d like to be enjoys adventures of all kinds! International intrigue! Skinny dipping in moonlight! Discovering new orchid species!

The actual me tries to do these things in a more pragmatic way. I travel when I can. I’ve never met a body of water that wasn’t inviting. I can’t get my orchids to flower, but I do like a little botany.

wine tasting


Christine Frietchen. Born in Leavenworth Kansas, but now live in Brooklyn. Born in 1970, conceived during the Summer of Love, baby (nice going Mom and Dad).

Find me at c.frietchen@gmail.com
Or on Linkedin

Or on Twitter as @surferhair

A word about links…

Links in my posts are chosen by me for their informative or referential value, unless otherwise noted. For example, sometimes I’ll add a link to Amazon.com where you can buy a book I mention. I’m not making any money off these.

Items for review…

I might review gear or other items on this blog. I’ll disclose where I got the item (s) I’m reviewing just so you know. If I’ve been sent an item for a potential review, I won’t send back articles of clothing (sweaty — ewww), but I will send items back to the manufacturer if they’re worth more than $50. Again, just wanted you to know because I think people should be up-front about this stuff.


2 Responses to About

  1. CJ LaCosta says:

    Hi, just read your story about the marathon in Goshen. I live in Goshen and also ran the race. When people ask me about it I will now refer them to your story. I’m glad I found it, you said it better than I ever could regarding how great an experience it was…even if I am a local Goshen guy
    Thank you.

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