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Foraging with the Wildman

I’d heard about this guy for a while. Turns out  the “Wildman,” a.k.a. Steve Brill, looks pretty normal, more like your high-school biology professor (albeit one who wears a pith helmet) than Crocodile Dundee. Brill has spent the last 30 … Continue reading

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My troubled relationship with Serena Williams

I think there needs to be some sort of 12-step program to help me sort out my feelings about Serena Williams. Particularly when the US Open rolls around, I find myself thinking far more about her than any other player. … Continue reading

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US Open quallies: Great free tennis

During the week prior to the start of the US Open tennis event here in New York, there are four blissful days of superb tennis, no crowds, cheerful security people and big names. And it’s free. Really. You walk straight … Continue reading

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An ode to self determinism

“But for each of us, isn’t life about determining your own finish line?”   Diana Nyad I read this quote hours after Diana Nyad dropped the curtain on her fourth attempt to swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida without … Continue reading

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A better 3-bean salad

I love three-bean salad — the kind we used to make in the Midwest as a picnic staple. Thing is, your typical three-bean salad recipe calls for about 3/4-cup of sugar — crazy! So I’ve been playing around with bean … Continue reading

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Bumper crop? Make a sage smudge

Sage does really well in my garden — I mean REALLY well. As a result, a dozen Thanksgivings could not employ as much sage as I’ve grown. Even if I dry all of it for use in cooking, I don’t … Continue reading

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Market salad of the week: Quinoa, corn, cilantro and black beans

On a Sunday afternoon, I enjoy few things more than coming up with some new salad using the stuff from the farmer’s market. This week’s haul included yellow sweet corn, peppers and a great-looking bunch of cilantro. The result is … Continue reading

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